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Premiere Home Realty Awards Why use Tony Barker?
Premiere Home Realty believes in open and honest communication. The questions (below) with answers may cover any concerns in using us.

Remember: While we are commission based, we do not believe in holding people hostage to listing or buyers agreements.
You can stop using us at anytime without cost. We do not charge additional transaction fees.

Do I need an area specialist?
My 7 step pricing tools makes me the area specialist. We know more about your neighborhood than anyone.
At the end of our first meeting, you will be an area specialist.

What about discount agents?
You will make more with a competent full service Realtor. Discount agents know their worth. A larger sales price from a professional means you keep more money in the end.
Hint: If they won't fight for their commission, how hard are they going to fight for your price?

Should I hire my friend or family member?
Roles and expectations prevent conflict. Can you question, challenge or even FIRE your friend or family member and keep the relationship?
How about seeing them at event and holidays? Especially if they are part-timers. Real Estate is a full time profession and should not be treated as a hobby or for part-timers.

Can you show me the areas of town that you have sold property?
When I buy and sell homes all over, I mean all over, because what we do works!
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But wouldn't be better to have someone whose office is close so they could show my home?
Most real estate signs have a property desk number which means the agent has to stay at that desk until their shift is over.
In many cases, the agent is new and is not fully trained to handle your home's leads. They may not even know anything about your home.
Even if they were across the street and they could not/would not come to show your home, you lose opportunities.
Because, all appointments to show must be booked with you, I will schedule the appointment, qualify the buyer, and show up on time, everytime.

Why is Centralized Showing service (CSS) so important and why don't all agents use it?
CSS costs alot of money each month. Many agents and brokers do not make enough money to pay for it.

Truth: We are serious Realtors who do this full time. It is a great investment if used properly. First, we ask for feedback several times if it is not received. Next, we ask the right questions from the agents to get the information we need and not a long survey they will not complete.
Finally, we answer those feedbacks that have objections to get them to make that offer.
Once, we receive that offer we solicit offers from everyone who also saw your home. That way we might have two or more people completing fro your home (i.e.: an auction like environment).

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