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Buyers and Sellers Recommend Tony Barker and Premiere Home Realty Feedback:
Tony always asks, "How did I do? This is to make him and your experience better. These are excerpts from feedback from Tony's clients:

Rob and Tash:
Tony found us the home in one trip. He played his game to help us pick the best home. It worked!

When I found out in a follow-up call that I was Tony's first listing I was shocked. I assumed he had been doing it for years. He not only was the most professional agent I have had. He sold my home and kept me informed. He was a real pro.

Wow! Tony listed my home and told me my needs came first. He worked hard and we had interest. In a few weeks, I got to keep my job and had a promotion. I called Tony to tell him to pull the listing and he did. He was just a pleasant on termination as he was when I signed. I will recommend Tony to everyone I know.

I had a family crisis and needed to sell fast. I was recommended to use Tony from a customer in the store I work. Tony explained the price best to sell my home and the whole process. We sold it in three days! He helped me when we had a problem at closing. Even the title lady was good. Thanks Man.

Tony sold my home of 42 years to get me the money I needed to live on in my last years. Thank you Tony and God Bless You!

I needed a home and had good cash and no credit. Tony found us a home with owner finance and was fair to everyone. I appreciate Tony and all he does.

Tony was assigned to me when my old agent quit. I had a family home in tough shape. I told Tony straight up I would do no fix up. Tony hung in with me and sold it for a fair price. Good job.

I cannot remember where we found Tony or he found us. He spoke with my wife and she was blown away. We have dealt with lots of agents since I was a builder. He listed it and got us more than full price. He even got a lease back. I appreciate you Tony.

Tony called me and told me my listing expired. I was not happy but he talked me into meeting. He impressed us both. In a couple months he sold the home. I had some other issues with real estate and he advised me without charge. I recommended Tony to a friend and he took care of her home too. I recommend him to everyone I know.

Tony listed and sold my home fast and professional. Give him my best.

Tony listed my home even though he lived very far away. I did not think he would show it but he did and he found the buyer. He helped us both and we made friends. Tony was fair and honest and that is rare in real estate.

Tony is a friend of my for years. I needed to sell my home and he helped me. A couple years later he found and sold me my new home even though the home was not listed. Next, he listed the home a couple years and brought a full price offer and I told him I did not want to sell. He told them the offer was rejected and terminated without any argument. Three months later, I asked him to relist it. He priced it again and sold it. Tony, you are the man!!!

We had two unique properties to sell and wanted to sell them together. Tony showed us how to sell them and we got full price on one and more on the other. He even got multiple offers after he brought the buyer. We chose an offer that I got us the most. Tony was honest and showed us all offers. We made one thousand and cost himself six thousand. I did not think people like him was around anymore.

Mike and Carol:
Tony listed our home and got us a fair offer. We were going to take it but I learned we were getting family to stay with us. Tony suggested we terminate. It did not cost us anything. He follows up once and a while. He is a great guy. Christine, Tony sold my Dad's home after my Mom passed. I was divorcing and getting a foreclosure. He sold my home with a short sale and dealt with my ex. Tony was very patient and resourceful. He made the best of a horrible situation.

I worked with a lot of agents and most are crap. Tony impressed my on the phone so I agreed to meet. What he said made since. I never seen such research on the home I was selling. He sold it himself. I gave him my personal home and he sold that quick too. Best in the business.

Tony approached me when he was selling another home in my neighborhood. He was door knocking and I was impressed. I forget about it until my listing expired and he called me. I asked him if that was him and he said yes. He came out and listed my home. We sold it in my timeframe to move to my new job. Even though I moved early, he closed me in my new state. Top marks to you and Anna.

My wife bought our dream home without selling ours. The old Realtor said it would sell. It put us in a pickle and we were risking our savings. Tony called and Betty met him. She couldn't stop talking about him. We sold it fast. While it was not what we wanted he got it done quick and he saved us. To be fair my wife fussed and everyone about the sale but Tony explained everything and calmed her and the buyer down. Tony should be a diplomat.

I knew Tony from before he sold real estate and was recommended to use him from a mutual friend. He sold our home and saved us from a foreclosure. I was not sure I should use a friend but he was great. I will use him every time.

Tony came out to see me when my home did not sell. He said my home was overpriced $100, 000. After a year, I had tries 2 other well known companies without success. When it expired again, he called me back. I finally went with Tony. I gave him my commercial properties too.

Steve and Angela:
Tony visited me when I was selling the home myself. He kept up with me and helped me even though I did not list with him. Eventually I called him, he listed it and we sold it. He helped us with lots of buyers and kept us focused on closing.

I am a Realtor out of state. I went to several websites and Tony's was the first one completely filled out and impressive. I called him, listed it and sold it. He gave me lots of tips to help me do real estate where I live.

I tried to sell my property myself and with a bunch of agents. My wife was blunt with Tony and I am not sure why he stayed. I am glad he did though. He sold it for $15,000 over list. He sold my kids home and other properties on my street.

Ken and Carol:
I was fixing up my home after an ugly divorce. Tony stayed with me for months before I listed. We listed it and sold it for full price just like he said. We sold another home and bought our dream home with Tony. He even found us an agent for my Mom and helped sell her home in another state. Tony is my real estate guy for life.

My old agent said my home could not be sold. Tony called us, we met and he showed us how to market it. Open and honest approach. We sold it quick and bought another home. We have recommended Tony and thank him.

My grown daughter found Tony and listed with him. While I was skeptical about him, he called me and her each week until it sold and closed. Thanks Tony.

Tony listed my home and we changed our mind and rented the home. Tony terminated and told us how to rent it ourselves. We were so impressed we used him to buy our next home.

We were recommended Tony from a coworker. He sold two homes and helped us look for investment properties. We think he does a great job.

Tony called me when my home did not sell. He sold it for $15,000 over list. The buyer had a crazy inspector and scared the buyer off. Tony sold it again even though we had a bad inspection we had to show. He explained it, got their own inspection and closed it. I am retired now and fishing. Tony is a professional.

Mike and Deitra:
We met Tony at an open house. He sold us that home. We needed to sell our old home and Tony sold it fast with lots of offers. We would consider using him again.

Tony listed my home twice. Each time I terminated with Tony he was a good kid. He almost sold it once but we did not come to terms with the buyer. I think she was crazy. haha Tony will be my real estate agent next time.

Tony was honest and excited to sell my home. I was told about him from a neighbor. He sold it and explained everything. I had issues come up at closing we could not understand and he stayed with me and we got closed. I thank him.

Tony called me and told me my listing expired. I was not happy or real friendly at first. He braved a meeting with me and blew me away. We sold my home and he helped me buy my home with the builder. He negotiated me a better deal and got himself a bonus. He is my Broker for life.

My home was a mess and I found Tony when he was door knocking. I called him several times and finally listed. He sold my home and helped me with my agent on buying my new home even though I did not use him for that. Good guy! If I move back to Houston I would use him.

Scott and Cindy:
We were a FSBO and building our next home. He listed it, showed it and held open houses and sold it. The other agent was shady but Tony held them to be straight. Tony knows his stuff.

Michael and Sharon:
My husband does not like agents but was impressed with Tony's presentation and how he handles himself. Even though we limited showings because of my husbands job, he sold our home. The stress is off. I thank you all.

David and Melanie:
My Dad talked to Tony and hit it off. He was honest and told us what we needed to hear. We were upside-down. We listed and sold in a good time and he showed us homes until we decided to build. Tony helped us buy that new home and kept the builder honest.

I knew Tony for years and needed to sell my family home. Tony explained everything and sold it. I will use and recommend Tony to everyone.

Michael and Deborah:
Tony called me and found we were neighbors. He listed and sold my home without a problem. The other agents I interviewed told my it was worth a lot less that Tony. When he explained why it would sell it made sense. He even worked with my relocation company. Good bye and good luck Tony.

Shawn and Amy:
Our house listed several times. We even tried to sell it ourselves. Tony listed and sold it. He showed it and did all he needed to do to sell.

I wrote a note to Tony's boss. Nobody wanted to sell my mobile home. I was yelled at my old agent. When I talked to Tony he was kind and sold my home in a good time. I consider Tony a friend. I am fishing everyday now thanks to Tony.

Tony sold my commercial property and brought the buyer. He deserved every penny me made on this property.

Tony sold my duplex and got us what we needed. He called us each week and kept us up on the sale.

Stephen and Carol:
Tony was direct and honest about our situation. He did not play around and worked hard. He sold our home and made us happy.

Tony found our home with his processes and sold it to us. He called us to admit a mistake he made, the other agent was stinker about it. Tony paid out if his pocket to make it right. That is integrity at its best. Give Tony our best!

Tony lived in the neighborhood and was an impressive man. He helped us and came out to our new home during the sale. I recommend you.

Tony sold our home with multiple offers. He helped us find and buy our next home and closed both the same day. We have recommended him to our friends.

I lost my job and my neighbor recommended Tony. He helped my stay in my home for months while he sold it and worked with my mortgage company. He was great.

I interviewed a lot of agents and I selected Tony. He stayed on my sale and closed it like a pro. He is a good Christian and recommend him.

David and Leslee:
Tony sold our home and helped us buy a brand new dream home.

Tony door knocked me and I was so shocked I let him list and sell my house. Thanks to Tony.

Tony is a professional Real Estate Consultant and sold two houses for me and did a good job. I will use him again.

I was recommended to Tony and he sold our home and got a a deal. While I did not know Tony when we bought a home directly from the seller he advised us on the contract language and did not ask for a cent. Wow, he really put us first.

James and Barbara:
I told my husband this guy will sell it this time. It took a while like he said but he did it. Called every week without fail. Tony is your best agent.

Tony told me what we needed to do to sell our house. He was right we listed for the same price and sold. He did great!

Charles and Cynthia:
Tony did a good job. Thanks.

Nena and Mike:
We sold our home with Tony and we got a fair price and in a good time. Thanks Tony

I did not think my home would sell in my old neighborhood. Tony sold it and got the buyer from out of the country.

Tony sold my old home and found me a cute home for me. I highly recommend Tony if you want to sell.

I found Tony through my company. He was calling about one of his signs and we hit it off. He found me a great home he had listed and it is great. Thanks so much to you and you great family. You are blessed.

Fred and Sylvia:
He sold my home quick and found a great home for my son and daughter in law.

Tony listed and sold my townhome in a professional manner and got me close to my list. He called me every Tuesday like he said. While his father died and he had to leave town, he stayed on my sale and had a great lady help me get closed. I appreciate all he did and his dedication.

I met Tony through another agent who recommended him. I was really just being polite to meet him and hear what he had to say. I had no intention to list that day. He was so impressive that I did sign with him that day. Even more interesting was he did all he said and sold it just like we planned. We had a split closing but Tony handled that too. I cannot recommend him enough. I thank you both.

Tony met me at my home and I explained I had to leave town for my new job. Tony listed and sold my home. I choose him because he was a Broker and the others were only agents. I immediately saw the difference in they way he acted. The best I ever saw. I wish he could help me in my in city.

Tony and I worked together years ago and we stayed friends. I remembered him because he sent me these newsletters. These mailers had recipes, design and home improvement tips. I read them occasionally, but when I needed to sell I remembered him. He was a true professional and sold my home. Thanks to him I was able to get on with my new life.

My wife met Tony at his brokerage. He was training and recruiting her. She never became an agent but we saw how he ran his business and we used him to buy our house. We had all kinds of finance issues with the loan but Tony stayed with us and kept us up to date. I believe on Tony could get this done.

Clint and Abbey:
We met Tony through a ad in a local paper for another house. He helped us look and various homes until we decided what we wanted. He is very good at his job.

I worked on an along with Tony in a volunteer board. We often did not see eye-to-eye but he was fair and we got along well. I did not know Tony was a Realtor but my neighbor highly recommended him. I eventually was able to interview Tony and he impressed me greatly. He sold my home in a timely manner and got me what I needed. He even arranged a closing at my office. I cried when we closed and Tony understood my mix of emotions. He has a wet shirt and a client for life. Thanks Tony... be good!

Tony called me when my home did not sell with another guy. I was mad when I found out my house listing expired and I did not even get a call. The agent just picked up his stuff and left. Tony explained how to sell my home and how to deal with my lender to stay out of foreclosure. He stayed with me even when I moved away to stay with family. The house sold several times but because the lender was tough they all dropped. It even sold at foreclosure and Tony got them to take it back. Thanks to God, Tony sold and closed it. What a relief. God bless you and your beautiful family.

I interviewed Tony a couple years earlier but chose another agent. Well, that did not work out. I tried another agent but she did not sell it either and told me it would not sell until I remodeled it. I did not have the money. Tony called again when the listing came up. This time I told him to list and sell it. I had a lot of financial issues and Tony got it all done. The lender even tried to get more money after we signed a contract. Tony got it done. I do not know how but he did it.

Tony sold my home like he said and helped me with my ill husband get another home. You are a good man Tony and God bless you!

I know Tony through a workmate related to him. When I was ready to buy, Tony found me a great home. The builder was not so good to deal with but Tony negotiated the issues and got it done. Thanks to God and to Tony my friend.

John and Phyllis:
Tony was recommended to me from a family member. I had a nightmare sale, estate home with tough siblings. Tony sold the home and even talked to my family to keep everyone involved. I also recommend Tony to everyone.

I met Tony because his buyer wanted our home. The agent we had messed up the deal and even fired us!!! We called Tony and when we explained and assured him we were terminated. He listed us with a early termination clause. We did not even ask for it. He found a way to get us what we needed and what the buyers needed. Honest and creative Realtor. Win-win is his way. I will highly recommend him.

Me and my girls needed a home. Tony was patient and found our perfect home. It was a dream come true. Tony is great with kids.

I met Tony through Tommy. He got us a loan and Tony found the house fast. We love how fast and easy it was. Tony even came to my office to sign papers the seller needed since it was a foreclosure. Thanks T and T. ha ha

Craig and Gretchen:
I cannot thank Tony enough. He saved us from a foreclosure and sold our home. He dealt with the bank and closed us fast. We even got some money at closing. We wanted to tip Tony for a great job. He turned it down. Thanks is not enough! God Bless.

Tony took real good care of us. Thanks.

Timothy and Ingrid:
Tony sold us the home we saw in an open house he was listing. He explained it all and kept us informed. Thanks to all and to God.

We found Tony and he recommended Tommy. Both took good care of us. We have a rough time with the VA and even the other agent but Tommy and Tony did great.

I called a sign on a listing in the neighborhood my investment property was in. I needed to sell fast. Tony explained all the options and sold it fast. Good job Tony!

I had a lease home I no longer needed. Tony sold it fast, for cash and made it hassle free. I will use you in the future man.

Tony called when my home did not sell again. Tony did an impressive job. I listed two homes with Tony. One sold pretty fast and the other took a while but eventually sold. Tony treated us like a pro and always gave us options and the possible result of each. We stayed in control and are moving ahead with our family.

Tony came out after being suggested by a dear friend. He had helped her and other friends. She went on and on about him. He presented to me and explained it all. We sold our home and closed in our new town. Tony did a complete job. My friend was right. If I know anyone going to around Houston, I will recommend Tony.

We needed to sell fast and Tony did that. We had family problems but Tony talked to everyone and got it done. I appreciate it.

Tony rented my rent home several times over the years. He took care or everything. I will continue to use Tony.

I was friends with Tony and Anita for years. I needed to buy a home and Tony showed me a way to buy a modest place for us. I have recommended him and will continue to.

John and Margie:
I found on in the Greensheet. He took time with us when other agents said no. We found the home we wanted but was short on cash. He talked to the agent and made a deal for us. Thank God. Bless you man.

When we met Tony he was good. He said he would find our house in the first tour. We drug him around to a bunch of homes 3 or 4 times. Finally, my wife said he did it. The first house he showed us was the one we wanted and bought. She said she just could not belief he found the perfect house as the first house on the first day. She wanted to see what else was there. Eventually, she was a believer and we made a deal. We was patient all the way.

My wife was recommended to Tony from a co-worker and he sold her a home. Later she called him to sell that home and buy another home. I hated agents and wanted nothing to do with them. The last lady I used was worthless but got paid a lot anyway. Even though it was far from Houston, he showed us great options but the home we wanted did not work out. Tony got us the house we wanted and made everyone satisfied. Even when there was a problem after the sale Tony worked hard to resolve it. Great job!

I met Tony at one of his listings. We called the sign and saw the potential of this home. We grilled Tony about everything and he stay patient and he just explain our options. After weeks, we finally made an offer and got accepted. Thanks Tony!

My wife wanted a home. I never big on a house but I found Tony and he found our perfect home to run my business and live in peace. Thanks Tony.

I met Tony through a house he had listed. We met and we made a plan to buy. Tony and Tommy were very honest and were straight about my situation. I was not ready to buy. Three years later, I was ready and they were with me the whole time. I got the loan and bought my beautiful home. I recommend Tony and Tommy X to everybody.

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