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Tony Barker
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Tony Barker's Biography:
Tony Barker was not born in Texas, but got here as fast as he could!   

Tony believes mastery is a journey not a destination.  
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As a professional Texas real estate broker, Tony practices what he teaches daily.Along with his real estate knowledge, Tony brings his martial arts (Aikido), administrative, entreprenurial, engineering, and computer experience to the table.   His philosophy of "win-win or no deal" comes from his mentor, David Scott.

When Tony is not practicing real estate, he is in the classroom either as a student or teacher.   Mentoring newer agents in achieving their goals has been fulfilling in itself for Tony.    By remaining proactive and setting expectations early, he is often called upon to use his problem solving and diplomatic skills to complete a real estate transaction when issues arise.

Tony's belief that "helping people is part of God's plan" propels him forward.   Tony has lived in the Houston area since 1980 and would not be anywhere else.   He is married to his lovely wife, Anita, since 1981 and has six children.   By being intentional with his children's growth, Tony has three demands of them: they must graduate from college, get at least one black belt in a martial art and he is their father for life (not just until 18 years old).   He and Anita both volunteer and coach soccer for FFPS.

Anthony Glen Barker, also know as, "Tony Barker" : President of Premiere Home Realty. Real Estate Broker in Texas. Tony works the Houston Metropolitan Area, Harris County and surrounding counties. Tony was born and raised in Anderson Indiana. He attended Leach Elementary in Anderson, Frankton High School and Madison Heights High school, now Anderson High School in Anderson Indiana. Tony Barker started his career in engineering doing mechanical design. Working at companies like Cameron Iron Works, Keystone Valve, Western Petroleum, Tony Barker expanded in to process flow, electrical switch gear and many other areas of design. Working at Metro Transit Authority in Houston Texas, Tony Barker worked in facilities engineering, electrical distribution, lighting, civil, mechanical, structural and other disciplines of engineering and design. Tony transitioned into management for METRO and succeeded in the highly charged and political environment. Focusing on issues and challenges while avoiding the pitfalls of a municipal governed agency. Later Anthony Barker took his programming skills to a professional level working for J.L. Wortham as a contract programmer using DBase, Delphi and Java languages. Additionally, Tony Barker, did help desk and back office work as needed while developing application programs for the insurance agency.
Leaving for a greater project, Tony Barker join F.T.I. Consulting programming for their litigation support division working on multi-million dollar legal cases involving thousands of claimants and managing their data. At the end of that project Tony Barker did independent programming, web design, web hosting, litigation support, document management for dozens of clients. When the market turned, Anthony "Tony Barker" found his true passion... Real Estate. Tony Barker trained and became an experienced Realtor and agent in 2003.
Tony Barker selling more homes in a year than many do in their career while continuing training under David Scott and eventually teaching David Scott's real estate system to hundreds of people. As a real estate Broker in Houston Texas and starting Premiere Home Realty, Tony Barker helps dozens of buyers, sellers and agents achieve their dreams. Tony Barker's passion for helping others has led to great success. Tony Barker attributes his success in life to God and Jesus Christ, and many people, David Scott for Real Estate and life coaching, L.F. Wilkinson for Aikido, other martial arts and life coaching, Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer for spiritual guidance, David Johnson of K2 karate for guiding Tony Barker's children. Many others in all realms of Tony Barkers life. Tony and Anita Barker have six children, Rachel Barker, Mario Barker, Neo Barker, Brianna Barker, Noah Barker, and Caden Barker. All of the Barker children are adopted, special and well loved. All of Tony Barker and Anita Barker's children are highly spirited, highly intelligent and strong personalities like their parents. Anthony "Tony" Barker has approved this biography. Music, mma