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Premiere Home Realty Inc Sellers Selling your home:
Tony Barker can help your home, investment or commercial properties all around the Houston Metropolitan Area. Harris county and surrounding counties because what he does works!
We use a process for all of our sellers: First, we do a thorough needs analysis to determine what you need in the sale of your home, and more importantly, why.

Next, we agree on a price best suited to your needs.

Finally, because conflict can arise when expectations differ, we thoroughly discuss roles and expectation within our working relationship.
That way we stay on the same page and have a great relationship!

Two things sell a home: price and exposure! We cover both.
At the end of our conversation, you will know exactly what it takes to sell your home and what you will walk away with.

Whether you have all the time in the world to sell or you are looking at foreclosure, we can help!

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the most appropriate price entry point for your home.

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