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for home buyers and home sellers in the Houston area.

Tony Barker believes knowledge is power. For buyers and sellers, the more you know the more you will appreciate what and why we do what we do.

We truly serve as information givers, interpreters and consult you so you can make the best decision about your transaction.

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Real Estate

Online Property Tax Appeal for Houston, Harris County Appraisal District

American Geo-Science Instistute

Texas Railroad Commission Map Tool

Commute Time Map

DOT Noise Pollution Map

Harris County Flood Map

FEMA Flood Map

Hurricane Harvey aerial survey

National Elevation Survey Map

FEMA Applications and Social Vulnerability Maps

FEMA Damage map (some people reported this as inaccurate)

Ownership history & taxes

Real Estate Dictionary

Official site of the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC)

Do It Yourself

Golf Weather

Map Help

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Personal Computer (PC) Tools and Downloads

Free Open Office (free office software) for Microsoft document editing and reading.

Free Adobe Acrobat Reader plus other products downloads

Free WinZip downloads and more. Free software downloads from hundreds of companies.

Gifts and Fun

Send Flowers to Someone Special

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Free Annual Credit Report

Free Great Recipes to try.

Lowest Prices for Gasoline in Houston, Texas.

Legal Assistance in Houston, Texas.

Mental Health Professionals of Houston, Texas.

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Charity Links

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Making Money

Millionaire Mommy Next Door

Dave Ramsey

Suze Orman

Millionaire Money Habits

Millionaire Acts

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

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Public Data

Safety Links

County Clerks of Texas


Nolo -- information


Secretary of State of Texas

Southern District of Texas

Child Support Guidlines for Texas

Attorney General of the State of Texas

Texas District & County Attorneys Association

Texas History

U S Court of Appeals

U S Merit System Protection Board

US Citizenship and Immigration Services

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Kids Sites

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Health and Wellness

Innovative Vitamins and Minerals - Colloidal and Ionized

1835 S.Centre City Parkway #427

Escondido, CA 92025

Ph: (760) 737-8312

Fax: (760) 737-8362

Email: Shari

Innovative Vitamins and Minerals - Colloidal and Ionized

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