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Premiere Home Realty For Sale by Owner Why do you need Tony Barker for to help with your home for sale?
Premiere Home Realty

Do you have time to answer all calls about your home?

Do you know how to close each inquiry to a showing?

Do you have time to show your home when buyers want to see it?

Do you know how to properly expose your home 5 times to each buyer or their agent?

Are you paying the buyer's agents fees?

Do you have all the tools to expose your home when they visits?

Do you have the right questions?

Can you close the sale?

Can you fill out the contract correctly and completely?

Will you avoid the mistakes that can cost you thousands or even the sale?

Do you know how to deal with attorneys and/or title companies?

Can you work (speak their language) with inspectors, appraisers and surveyors?

Do you know how to negotiate repairs and credits?

Do you fully understand the buying and selling processes, costs and responsibilities?

Did the website, company who sold you the package fully explain each of these above items?

Do you have a sellers disclosure for each potential buyer?

Do you have a disclaimer for your buyers?

Do you know the Benchmarks and Trends of the neighborhood?

Do your understand the Supply and Demand of the area?

Do you know the Quarterly and Seasonal Trends of the area?

Do know what the sales ranges are and why they exist for solds, expireds and actives in your area?

Do you know how to justify your price on the above items?

Can you chose the most appropriate price entry point based upon all of your defined needs?

Do you have the time to follow-up with each person to get feedback on your home?

Do you think they will be straight with you since it is your home?

Did your potential buyers buy another home and why they chose that home?

Do you know how to save a deal when something new or bad pops up?

Do you know how to solicit multiple offers?

How about back-up offers?

Do you know the addenda, disclosures, and notices to each buyer, even if they do not buy?

Do you know what to do after the sale to complete the sale?

Do you know how to notify everyone of the sale?

Do you know how to rescind offers, and counter offers.

Do you know all of the outs for the buyer and for yourself to break a deal?

Do you know how to release earnest money?

Do you have a real estate attorney to protect you if someone threatens to sue you?

You may think I am trying to tell you not try this at home.

What I am trying to help you see is you have alot to consider when selling the home yourself.

It can (and is) done, but you need to answer all of these questions before trying.

Call me to help guide you through these issues. Meeting me is no cost or obligation.