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QUESTION: Would you go to trial for your life without representation. What if the other side was friendly, attractive and said they were there to help you get out of the courtroom as quick and easy as possible?...

Or course NOT!!!

New home builders have representatives in their sales offices and model homes that watch out for the company only. Remember: They are not legally, ethically, morally obligated to watch out or negotiate for you. They are no different in legal status than a car saleman. They do not even need a license.

Some builders are Realtor friendly and some will say or do anything to keep you from using a Realtor to buy your home. Intimidation starts with just showing the home getting you or your spouse in love with the home and lot, telling you others want it so act now and you can save time, money and get the home today without your Realtor. They use fear to get you to NOT use a Realtor.

We negotiate your price, incentives, lot, costs of purchase and recommend action items to save you time, aggravation, money and disappoint in your home purchase.

We cost you nothing. We even negotiate our fee.

How does it work? The best approach is let us register you with each builder. I call ahead and make the arrangements. Even if you are in front of the builder, call me, I will call them and get it ready to save you money. I will gladly go with you to see these homes, negotiate the deal and get you what you want for the best deal.

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