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Tony Barker Tony Barker's Business Beliefs:
For Tony Barker, beliefs are the guideposts on how to conduct our lives.    It simply tells us when to say "Yes" and when to say "no". Below is a list of some of Tony's Business Beliefs.

"You have to believe in yourself."

Su Tzu
Tony's business beliefs:         

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Itís win-win or no deal!

I live in a world of listing abundance!

Cost is only an issue in the absence of value!

Homes sell for two reasons: Price & Exposure!

The pricing game is all about justification!

People will only trust and follow what I can logically and tangibly explain!

Pricing is neighborhood specific!

Whatís put in motion stays in motion!

Pricing homes is not an exact science!

Itís unacceptable to leave the sellersí money on the table!