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This page contains articles for Real Estate buying and selling provided by Premiere Home Realty, Tony Barker, Broker in Houston Texas, Harris County and surrounding counties.

5 Things Buyers Hate
    When selling you home you definitely want to know what buyers like, don't like and HATE.

Cheap Fix Ups to Sell Your Home
    Spending $10,000 to make $5,000 is not a bargain. Many agents will force you to spend alot of money to make their job easier. I NEVER suggest that. But you can to quite a bit of upgrades for small bucks and a little sweat.

Save Energy in Your Home with These 10 Easy Ways
    Homeowners who take the initiative to make these changes usually discover that the energy savings are more than worth the effort. However, you should consider that home inspectors can make this process much easier and perform a more comprehensive assessment of energy saving potential than you can.

Need Help Fixing Up Your Home?
    Hiring help to fix, replace, update or upgrade your house can be expensive. It is important to make the right hire and set the rules early.

More advice from LOWES to Sell Your Home
    Some good nuggets in here, just remember they want to sell you stuff.

More advice from LOWES to Buy Your Next Home
    Some good general advice. Call me to help you in the entire process.     copyright Tony Barker Premiere Home Realty 2004-2012All rights reserved