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Premiere Home Realty Inc  Important things to do after the sale for buyers and sellers Tony Barker's Important things to do after the sale of your home.
The information listed here are some important and can save to time, money and future problems.
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Remember that if you deal with these things now it will be done and you can sleep easier.


1. Address changes for dirvers licenses may be processed online at

2. Go to or go to for utility, mail forwarding and much more.

3. Contact the post office directly for your change of address: click here


1. Cancel your homeowners insurance policy after your sale is closed and funded. Our office and/or the your title company will call you to confirm that. You may get a refund from your insurance company.

2. If your mortgage was an FHA loan, contact the Department of Housing and Urban Development for a possible MIP (Mortgage Insurance Premium) refund. click here

3. Remember to cancel any automatic drafts of payments for this property after closing.

4. It is recommended to leave utilities on for a minimum of three business days and communicate with the buyers that the utilities must be transferred immediately. This helps you and the buyers in several ways. Do not forget about deposit refunds!

5. Please leave home with the repairs you agreed to and in "broom clean" condition. It is just the right thing to do!

6. Verify your forwarding address with your past and current lenders/lienholders. They should send refunds and notices you will need to receive. Send each of them a written note with your name, loan number and new address to be contacted at.

7. If you have a home warranty that was not transferred to the new owner, you may be entitled to a refund. Check with your warranty company for details.

8. When/if you apply for a new "Residential Homestead Exemption" the district will remove your old one automatically. If you are not keeping a residence in Texas you can ask for a removal click here: For more HCAD forms:
click here


1. Change all utilities into your name immediately after closing. This can be done (and is recommended) in advance with each provider (see above).

2. Complete and mail in the request to correct name and address from your appraisal district. Include a copy of your warranty deed. click here

3. If this home is your primary residence in Texas you can file your Residential Homestead Exemption after January 1 of the next year. click here IMPORTANT: Do not fill it out early and send it in. The district will throw it away.
For more HCAD forms: click here:

4. Get a copy of the appraisal from your lender (mortgage person).

5. It is recommended you always have a home warranty. If you do contact them and review the coverages, deductables and contact information if it is needed. Remember that this is not a guarantee! The warranty is to cover major cost items and your repairs may incur additional cost on your part. Premiere Home Realty Inc and your agent is not affiliated or responsible for your election of any company or coverage items.


If you purchased your property by cash or did not set-up an escrow account with your mortgage company for payment of real estate taxes, you are responsibile for getting you tax bills and statements from each of the taxing authorities. If you have not received the statements and bills by December 15, contact your local appraisal district and/or each of your taxing authorities. Any taxes are paid in arrears (for the previous year) and are late Febuary 1st the next year.